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Fair Custodian is a startup that allows you to create anonymised email addresses to keep your personal email private. With an ambitious roadmap and an experienced founding team, Fair Custodian helps users take control of how their email address is being used and potentially shared. 




Artsupply created a logo that combined the fields of a website login user interface and the equal sign to symbolise the fairness-of-use that Fair Custodian are advocates of.

Signing into a website can be a transaction that benefits one side more than the other. You provide your email address and other data to access the site, and the site owner has the ability to use that data in multiple ways - depending on the privacy policy and terms you agree to at the time, the data you provide can be, and often is, monetised. 

Fair Custodian have been building a technology platform to redress the balance between the consumer and the business, so that the data being held is treated responsibly and transparently.

Artsupply is a brand and design studio based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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