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Frogger. This is where I use the story of a smash hit 1981 arcade game as an analogy for the services offered by Artsupply. So here goes:
The objective of Frogger is to safely navigate the eponymous character through pixelated rows of congested but fast moving traffic and the unusually close proximity of hazardous waterways. This must be done repeatedly. It's not straightforward. A strategy is required. A successful crossing is dependent on the use of wits, agility, problem solving, and creative thinking. Perhaps by now you can see where I'm going with this. The winning frog also makes the best use of the tools at her disposal and will seek partner collaborations to find a path to amphibian salvation. The successful navigation of design and innovative product development also rely on ability, agility, collaboration, and pixels, but hopefully way less pollution and minimal roadkill.

Artsupply work samples


Community focussed mapping tools created to access data for common good land use with shared benefits. Artsupply created the brand and application UI and collaborated on user experience and prototype creation.



Artsupply created the brand and visual identity for the UK's leading trophy and awards manufacturer. The client selected an alternative route from Artsupply to the studio favourite shown here.


Bailey & Co

Artsupply has been working with Bailey & Co. Independent Property Consultants since their launch. The objective is to define the brand and positioning to help Bailey & Co. remain as leaders in a highly competitive local market.

StartupBrandPositioning UI


FairCustodian aimed to implement fair use of an email users data when shared with businesses online.
Artsupply created the brand and visual identity as well as campaign materials and UI components.

StartupPositioning BrandVisual IdentityUI

Services we provide

Artsupply is experienced in using design and innovation to tackle the challenges faced by organisations and society.

Regardless of the sector, challenge, or budget, the process begins with listening to experts and unearthing the knowledge needed to understand and clearly define project objectives.

Artsupply works with startups who have low budgets but agility and with enterprise clients who need to remain relevant to their established and complex customer base.
Artsupply has positioned, planned and delivered brands and technology for organisations who are bringing about positive change to their industry.


Clearly define and design the look and feel like of your business to craft a strong and particular place in your market.


Designing beautiful and relevant interfaces.
Delivering a simple and relatable experience for your customers.


Test and develop quickly with a no-code prototype to validate your insight and win the approval of your stakeholders.

Hall Financial and Wealth Management

A combination of contemporary and classic elements to create a brand for a newly launched financial management business.

La Petite Creperie

La Petite Creperie is one of Newcastle upon Tyne's best loved street food traders. Artsupply created the brand and subsequent visual identity applied to livery, signage, apparel, marketing material, web and social media presence.

Steve is a fantastic designer with a keen knowledge of startup-specific concepts. I've worked with him across two ventures so far and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. He has consistently delivered exactly what's needed and his ability to turn complex concepts into intuitive graphics is a genuinely rare talent.

Ben Fielding


I've worked with Artsupply for over five years. Artsupply produced a brand for our business that is distinctly recognisable but also in keeping with our traditional roots.

Julien Poulalion

La Petite Creperie

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