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Service and Brand Design

Clearly define and design the look and feel of your business to craft a strong place in your market.

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Product Design

Beautiful and relevant product designs. Delivering a simple and relatable experience for your customers.

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Test and iterate quickly with a no-code prototype. Validate your insight and win the approval of your stakeholders.


User-centered design to build, measure and learn

Artsupply uses techniques developed by the lean startup movement to innovate and launch new products and services.

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Understand your users to build better products

Understand who you are designing for and the journeys they take through your product. Create a reliable and informed set of product requirements.

UI and branding for Trend Setting Awrads

Define a position in your market to be relevant and unique

Artsupply creates distinctive and beautiful brands that represent an organisation's values and market strategy.

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UX and UI design for your digital product

Define intuitive user experiences that meet clearly defined product requirements to build exceptional digital products.

UI and branding for Trend Setting Awrads

Test your product and win stakeholder buy in

Prototyping your ideas saves time and money. Bring products and features to life in low and hi-fidelity to demonstrate to users for critical early feedback.

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The objective of Frogger is to safely navigate the eponymous character through pixelated rows of congested but fast moving traffic and the unusually close proximity of hazardous waterways. This must be done repeatedly. It's not straightforward. A strategy is required. A successful crossing is dependent on the use of wits, agility, problem solving, and creative thinking. The winning frog also makes the best use of the tools at her disposal and will seek partner collaborations to find a path to amphibian salvation. Artsupply believes that the successful navigation of design and innovative product development also relies on ability, agility, collaboration, and pixels, but hopefully way less pollution and minimal roadkill.